Blue Star has a focus on worship of the Gods. Personal connection to deity is very important to Blue Star. Magic and spell work is secondary to worship. As well, we place an emphasis on our shared sense of family, keeping contact through a variety of social networks, email lists and of course face to face gatherings either within larger pagan gatherings, or at our own family and initiate gatherings. It's been said that Blue Star is less of a tradition and more of a buffet, which speaks to our love both of good food and community.

Our covens cross the United States, from the West Coast of Washington State to the East Coast in Pennsylvania. As far North as Ontario, Canada and as far South as Louisiana. We count over 200 initiates in the Blue Star Family with many more participants at our outer court levels.

Active Coven Listings As of August 2015


While not practicing in the Blue Star Tradition, these groups have ties to us. Their founders are those who have been participants in Blue Star and who may bring some of our practices into their work. We consider them "Cousins".

Coven of the Spectrum Gate (Boston, MA)
The desire to create Spectrum Gate Mysteries arose out of a discussion of how an intersexed, third-gendered, or non-gendered person could fully participate in Wicca's binary ritual system.